On this page, you will find detailed information regarding cookies and instructions on how to manage them from your computer. Let’s start with recurrent questions.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are little pieces of information on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit the major part of web sites. Their goal is to ensure you the best user experience when you visit the same web site more than once.

Why does Sardinias uses cookies?

Cookies allow us to improve contents, functionalities and the velocity of our web site, giving us at the same time the possibility to understand what you could like and what you could unlike, and so adapt the site to your needs. We also use those cookies to help ads on our web site reflect as much as possible your interests.

Sardinias uses cookies to guarantee you useful and interesting web sites, in line with your researches. Without the use of cookies, a web site is not able to remind preferences or access references of the user during his next visit. For example, consenting your browser to save cookies, you won’t be constraint to insert your user name every time you want to access: cookies will help to remember this information for you. Below, a list of the main cookies used by Sardinias and details regarding.

Which kinds of cookies exist and what are they used for?

Sardinias uses different types of cookies. “Viewed website cookies” remain on Sardinias, while “third-party cookies” are based by our partners' websites. Third-party cookies do not recognize your personal data, but only your computer when you access on our website and, sometimes, also other web site’s companies. Those cookies help us to collect important information on the use of the website (website analytics). You will find all details below. As the major part of the web sites, we use “temporary cookies” as well, which stay on your computer during your visit on our web site, and get cancelled when you close your browser. “Permanent cookies” at the opposite are saved on the browser, in order to be used during your next access on Sardinias’s web site.

Technical cookies, or strictly necessary cookies, allow you to browse our website and to use all of it's basic functionalities. Without it, our web site won’t work correctly and a user won’t be able to use our principal services. Necessary cookies allow to use the essential functionalities during the buying process or executing a secure access on our pages on your personal area. Profiling cookies are used to prospect your user profile and let you visualize ads on Sardinias which could be relevant for you, according to your interests, likes and consumption habits. Social network cookies permit our users to share contents through those social networks on third parts. This kind of cookies are set by the administrator of the social network services.

As follows more information and a list of cookies currently used on Sardianias:

1)Technical cookies

By using this type of cookies, Sardinias gives you access to browse the website and allows you to use its basic functionalities. Being directly implemented by us on the website, they are always first part cookies.

2) Analytics cookies

This type of cookies is used by Sardinias in order to collect statistic information, aggregated or not, regarding the number of users who access to the website and how they use this website. Being not directly implemented by us but by third party subjects, they are considered third party cookies. Below,a list of analytics third party cookies that are present on Sardinias:

  • Google Analytics (analytic third party cookie / permanent / information)
  • PIWIK (analytic third party cookie / permanent / information)

Both Google Analytics and PIWIK, are implemented in Sardinias letting the users' IP addresses remain anonymous.

3) Profiling cookies

This type of cookies is used by Sardinias in order to set up a user profile. This profile is based on your preferences expressed by yourself during your internet navigation and lets you visualize ads in line with your interests. For this kind of cookies for legal needs your consense is necessary. Thus, when you enter Sardinias, a banner appears highlighting that, on Sardinias, profiling cookies are used and that closing this banner you will give your consent for the use of these cookies. If in this way you have expressed your consense in the use of cookies, the banner will not appear any more. In the same moment, we install a a technical cookie that remembers this setting for your next visits on Sardinias. At any time you can block the setup of the advertising cookies. In case you decide to disactivate the behavioral advertising, it will not mean that you will visualize no more advertisements on Sardinias, but that the ads will not be in line your user's profile on your browser. All advertising cookies are set by third subjects as autonomous holders of the processing, and thus considered third party cookies. As follows the list of the active third party advertising cookies on Sardinias:

  • Google AdSense (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)
  • Zanox (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)
  • Tradedoubler (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)
  • Booking (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)
  • Traghettilines (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)
  • e-domizil (third party profilation cookie | permanent | information)

By being identified on Sardinias via a social network, you will receive third parties cookies of the administrator of the relative site. Apart from the authentification on Sardinias, these cookies often are used for your profiling. Before loggin in through tools connected to social networks, read carefully the information supplied by the administrator of the social networks regarding the use of these cookies. If you do not wish to receive it, visit Sardinias without using the social networks tools.

As follows a list regarding the social network cookies used on Sardinias:

  • Facebook (Technical authentification and profiling third party cookie | permanent | information)
  • Twitter (Technical authentification and profiling third party cookie | permanent | information)
  • Addthis (Technical authentification and profiling third party cookie | permanent | information)

How to manage cookies

After having reviewed how cookies work and how they are used by Sardinias to improve your user experience, as follows some useful advice to help you managing the cookies from your computer. You can set or modify the controls of your browser in order to cancel or to disactivate cookies. However, by choosing to disactivate cookies, you will have a limited access to the features and pages of our web site.

On the web site All about Cookies you will find simple instructions to manage cookies on various types of browsers. A big part part of the advertising networks offers the possibility to refuse cookies. To know more about the management and/or the refusing of advertising cookies, you can consult sites Digital Advertising Alliance and Your Online Choices.